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HU-1027 Budapest

Erőd street 16.
(The studio opens from the street)

+36 20 481 2810

You can do yoga with us online 24 hours a day!

Hanuman Yoga Studio

"Through the practice of yoga, you can overcome every difficulty and eliminate every weakness.
Your energy, vitality, longevity, and overall health elevate."

We are here to help you discover the path to harmony, health, and happiness through the ancient experiences, practices, and philosophy of yoga spanning thousands of years. 

In the heart of Buda, near Mechwart park at a friendly yoga studio you can practice yoga with qualified instructors' guidance.

  • No need to be flexible.
  • No need to be skillful.
  • No matter how old you are.
  • No need to believe.

Yoga does not contradict any religion, and anyone can practice it, regardless of whether they consider themselves religious or affiliated with any specific faith.

We teach traditional yoga, rooted in the original foundations of yoga.

Our reliability is confirmed by the Certified Yoga Instructor Organization issued by the Hungarian Yoga Instructors Association and the Certified Yoga Instructor title held by our instructors."

Our namsake, Hanuman is the epitome of perfect dedication, a symbol of strength and courage."

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Hanuman Yoga Studio